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Nepal earthquake prompts amazing generosity

On Tue, 5 May, 2015 - 10:42
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Green Tara Trust write to thank you for astonishing amounts of money donated in just one week, by individuals, by the UK’s Karuna Trust and by Karuna Germany:

“So far six hundred and forty people have donated £24,478 and Karuna Trust’s own appeal for us raised £4,800. Extraordinary generosity, thank you everyone! It’s very heart warming.

Help will be needed for a long time to come so please consider giving if you can at

Our team have calculated that to provide a family of 4-5 people with rice, lentils, curry, daal, fuel, salt and oil for cooking will cost NPR10,000 - just £67 for one month! [US$101/€91]

We have recently provided enough rice, lentils, curry, daal, fuel, salt and oil for one month to 130 of the poorest families in Pharping. In addition, we’ve provided tents for 200 families who have lost their homes. All this support was given out in the presence of Green Tara trustees, government officials, community leaders and earthquake victims.

The Pharping community was extremely grateful to Green Tara Trust, which has worked in Nepal since 2007 on maternal and child health promotion.”

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