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Nepal earthquake appeal

On Mon, 27 April, 2015 - 12:42
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Follow Saturday’s severe earthquake in Nepal, donations are urgently needed.

Green Tara Trust is a healthcare charity working with mothers and children in Nepal, run by British members of the Triratna Buddhist Order, including Karunamati, known locally as “Dr Jane”.

Make a donation to Green Tara Trust.

Karunamati writes from London: “I was up most of the night talking on Facebook to my friends on the streets in Nepal, who have no shelter or food and do not know if they will live. Hard times.

The good news is that all our staff in Nepal are alive and able to do what needs doing – if we can support them with money. (This is the best help you can give. Please don’t offer to come and help out yourself.)

It’s also good news that Chatral Rinpoche (the last surviving of Sangharakshita’s teachers) is alive. However, the area where he lives, Pharphing, is very damaged. Half the houses there have been destroyed and access to the area is impossible at the moment. There is no clean water, food or shelter. Meanwhile, women continue to give birth. They and their families urgently need our help.

We plan to provide basic help for the first 1-2 weeks until the aid agencies get there. After that we will continue to collect money for use in our devastated programme areas.

Please make a donation. Any amount will help.

Thank you.

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