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Vajra Bell: Voices from Triratna North America

On Fri, 5 July, 2013 - 05:49
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The Vajra Bell happily joins The Buddhist Centre Online this month in celebrating the Triratna sanghas of the U.S.- and the rest of the North American continent as well! They say - “We’d like to begin by welcoming you to our new home on The Buddhist Centre, and tell you a little bit about ourselves.

What started as a small black and white quarterly newsletter at Aryaloka Buddhist Center many moons ago has grown and evolved over the years into an rich, colorful, and unique publication - the Vajra Bell. Our mission is to “keep sangha connected” by providing in-depth coverage of important Buddhist topics, programs, events, news, and media from our many centers in North America. With so many miles between our Buddhist centers on this side of the ocean, it’s ever so important that we are able to stay in touch with one another and with the wider Triratna community around the world.

The Vajra Bell has also become a vital way for newcomers to our centers to discover the richness and depth of our community. We are staffed by an amazing kula of talented volunteers, and supported by the generosity of donors and Aryaloka Buddhist Center.

Our Summer issue arrived on July 1st, and to give you a sneak peek, we’ll be continuing the theme begun on The Buddhist Centre in June with a feature story focused around a comprehensive history of the Triratna Movement in North America. That’s just one of many great pieces we have planned, so don’t miss it!”

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