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Urthona issue 28 due out soon

On Thu, 20 October, 2011 - 13:59
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The new issue of Urthona, Triratna’s annual arts magazine is nearing completion and will be available in November.

This year’s very rich issue has three main themes. We cover the intriguing activity known as Psychogeography - something anyone can do on their home patch - tuning into the layers of memory, history and nature in landscape and city scape, looking for the mysterious presences of place that deeply affect who we are. We feature wonderful paintings of dynamic seascapes by Janette Kerr whose inspiration is from the wild coast lines of Shetland and Cornwall. There is an interview with the celebrated writer on landscape and nature Robert MacFarlane, author of ‘The Wild Places’.

Then there is a major article on Re-imagining the Buddha, picking up on a theme that is much talked about all over Triratna at the moment. We look at how Buddha can be re-imagined in ways that speak our own cultural language and re-vivify our imaginative life. We ask what is the relevance now of the Romantic idea of the imagination as the faculty of mind that unifies our sense impressions and creates the world as we experience it. The paintings of Amitajyoti provide inspiration with her unique imaginings of Buddhas and goddess figures.

Finally we also feature interviews with several well known poets from the successful Poetry East readings at the London Buddhist Centre, including David Constantine, Fiona Sampson and Penelope Shuttle. Plus ten pages of poetry, reviews of Buddhist novels and much else besides. Look out for it in your local Triratna centre, or even better go to to subscribe and receive a freshly printed copy straight to your doorstep.

You can also read more abut this edition in this PDF.

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