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Subhuti and Lokamitra in interview

On Fri, 12 April, 2013 - 13:30
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Just posted on The Buddhist Centre Online is a fascinating interview with Subhuti and Lokamitra, two pivotal figures in the development of Triratna, east and west, over the past 40 years. Candradasa was fortunate enough to catch them together in India - in a rather noisy restaurant! - at the end of the 2013 Order Convention at Bodh Gaya. You’ll find their conversation, conveniently divided into topics, here.

Also just released by Subhuti is Seven Papers, a newly-published book containing the fruits of four years intensive dialogue with Sangharakshita. The book is a collection of papers in which they work together to summarise and re-articulate Sangharakshita’s core teachings on the Dharma, especially as they relate to the Triratna Buddhist Community and Order: the papers, though not easy reading, have had a profound effect on Triratna and are essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand the foundations of our community.

The seven papers are -

* What is the Western Buddhist Order?
*Revering and Relying upon the Dharma
* Re-Imagining The Buddha (and Buddhophany)
* Initiation into a New Life: the Ordination Ceremony in Sangharakshita’s System of Spiritual Practice.
* ‘A supra-personal force or energy working through me’: The Triratna Buddhist Community and the Stream of the Dharma
* The Dharma Revolution and the New Society
* A Buddhist Manifesto: the Principles of the Triratna Buddhist Community

It’s available at cost price from Lulu, and you’ll find a free PDF eBook version there as well suitable for iPads and Kindles.
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