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Seventh ‘Excellence Retreat’ held in India

On Thu, 3 January, 2013 - 16:28
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Jivak, an Order Member from Pune in India, writes with news of their latest and very successful ‘Excellence Retreat’ held at Triratna’s Bhaja Retreat Centre. He says - “The retreat was attended by more than 90 people and ran from 21st to 25th of December. These retreats are structured for professionals like doctors, engineers, IT professionals and high ranked government officials. There were many young Buddhists and non-Buddhists, who were very enthusiastic and lively throughout the retreat.

Each day was a full programme, specially structured to make it easier for people to connect the Dhamma to their life. In the mornings we started with Chi Kung, mindfulness of breathing, mindful walking and loving-kindness meditations. Then Subhuti led study by giving talks on the Four Satipatthanas (foundations of mindfulness) and after that we made four groups for discussion. The afternoon session was full of programs like question and answers, and meditation on Spiritual Death. In the evenings we had yoga and karate. After supper we had meditation on Imagining the Buddha and concluded with the Pali Pooja.

This time we had some time for presentation of our work like the ordination process, and our social projects Bahujan Hitay and Nagarjun institute. The retreat was kindly supported by Dhammacharis Nagamitra, Maitriveer Nagarjuna, Passadika, Adityabodhi and Prajnyaditya, plus many mitras.

These retreats are bringing young and educated people to our movement. They are very successful - we are going to have them every three months.

Thank you. With metta, Jivak”
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