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Seek Out a Tree and Let it Teach You Stillness

On Wed, 31 August, 2011 - 06:00
lokabandhu's picture
Dassini writes from the Glasgow Buddhist Centre with a photograph of their beautiful new Buddha. She says:

“This spectacular carving of the Buddha and Bodhi tree was made by Ajitasena and gifted to the Glasgow Buddhist Centre in 2009. It was carved from a single piece of fallen lime wood, found by Ajitasena near his home in Bristol. It is over 6 ft. tall and although you might expect it to be very imposing it has a quiet and reflective feeling about it.

Children visiting the Glasgow Buddhist Centre in school groups really respond to the piece because the one thing they always know about the Buddha is that he sat under a tree! So the carving beautifully illustrates that for them and encourages them to explore with curiosity and ask more questions.

In time the carving will make its home at Dhanakosa Retreat Centre, hopefully in a grove of trees with a little shelter. But for now we’re very happy that the Buddha and Bodhi tree reside with us in the heart of a busy city centre”.

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