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Sangharakshita's Diary, July 2013

On Sun, 28 July, 2013 - 02:00
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Ashvajit writes:
Summer has truly arrived at Adhisthana this month, and the wonderful Herefordshire trees all around here are in full leaf. Bhante’s health, though still not completely predictable, continues on an upward trend. He has been sitting outside more often, enjoying the warmth and the gentle breeze, noticing Sanghadeva working on the area in front of the Old House, or Yashodeva overseeing the transport of one of the Borobodur-style rupas to the large shrine room. He has even taken a few little strolls along the path in front of the small lake, accompanied by Paramartha.

He has been answering letters and emails, which have been fewer recently than before, so that he relies more on Shabda to keep himself informed about what is happening to Order members worldwide. He continues to take exercise walking up and down the corridor of the Urgyen Annexe, beneath the benign gaze of Amitayus and Amoghapasha, depicted on thangkas he acquired in Kalimpong.

Meetings with visitors are still unpredictable, but quite a few have been fortunate enough to see Bhante personally for a short period. He also continues to listen to audio-books on CDs sent by Calibre and RNIB. In addition there have been gifts of CDs from Order members, including the Naxos recording of Ronald Pickup reading some of the poetry of John Masefield, who was born in Ledbury, just a few miles from here.

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