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New York Sangha poised for major step forwards

On Sat, 22 June, 2013 - 10:04
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There has been a Triratna group in New York City since the 1990s. For many years it’s been itinerant, meeting in cafes and people’s houses, under the leadership of Vajramati, its founder. But now it seems they’re poised to take a major step forwards - if they can get some help from the wider Sangha. Padmadharini reports on her impending move there, saying -

“I am writing to update you on some new and exciting news. And also to ask for some support for myself and for the NY Triratna sangha. Which brings me rather immediately to the exciting news. I recently went to NY for a holiday - or that’s what I thought. I arrived to a sangha that were so fired up and committed, whilst clearly lacking in resources - namely those of “experienced” teachers with the time to devote to teaching and friendship - not really sure how Vajramati has managed by himself for all these years.

Anyway, let’s just say they recruited me in fine NY fashion, and I felt such a deep and clear response to their call for help. So I’ve made a decision after talking individually with most of the key players there including of course Vajramati and the Council, to go to NY initially for a year (or just over a year) while they try me out and I try them out. If it works, I plan to stay there - and somehow in my mind I have this idea that I’d like to be there long enough to see some of those wonderful gals and guys get Ordained. To support and work with Vajramati to continue to grow the sangha, and hopefully see some of the seeds that he has sown there over these years come to fruition. And really, aren’t we lacking in the US for having no New Yorkers in our Order Sangha :)

I also really feel for Vajramati doing this on his own. It struck me whilst there how courageous and generous he’s been. Not easy to be a pioneer in such a city. Vajramati has obviously longed for someone to join him, but hard to find anyone who can financially make it work. Which is where my request comes in.

I have some income already, which I’m very happy to use to live in NY. A friend in the Sangha has very generously offered to rent me an apartment at very discounted price, but I think another $10k a year is about what’s needed to cover my bills, food, phone, travel etc, especially for my first year there..

In that first year, I plan to work out some means of making extra income - I am thinking about doing MBSR training and am in touch with Breathworks about promoting their stuff in the US. But as I said to the Council in NY, I think it is not helpful for me to spend time in this year working as I am going there to help the sangha. If it ends up being only a year, which I sincerely hope not, then I think my time will have been well spent anyway. If it ends up being more than a year, I’m sure I will have established some means of topping up my income, and/or we will have such a successful sangha there that it will be possible to provide some support.

So this is in essence an appeal to the Sangha! I have been incredibly moved by the NY sangha and their generosity and ability to move mountains in a short space of time. I also know they are a very small sangha who are already supporting their activities. So I wonder the Sangha outside NY can club together and raise some of this money. I really think it would be a game change to see the NY sangha grow and have a few home grown OMs. I have a lot of confidence in them, and I guess in me. I know some of you don’t really have much money, but I’m guessing some of you do. I hope you can join me and the NY sangha and would be willing to chip in a bit. My dream would be if I/we could raise $5k and the NY sangha can match that.

I promise to use that money really well. Your donation will be paid directly to the NY sangha, (their details are below). Any money I don’t need, could go into a fund for NY to use for other teachers to visit.

I’m happy to respond to any questions.


Click here for their Fundraising page or dhpadmadharini [at] (contact Padmadharini) for the NY Sangha bank details.
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