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New music CD in aid of Metta Vihara retreat centre

On Mon, 8 August, 2011 - 06:00
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Meynard Vasen writes with news of a new music CD to sold in aid of Triratna’s Metta Vihara retreat centre in the Low Countries. He says -

“On Sunday the 3th of July, Triratna’s Sangha in the Low Countries saw the birth of a new CD featuring the guitar music of Ed Stokman, an excellent guitar player.

“The inspiration of his music comes from nature, from his family and from meditation. He likes to sit and just play, improvise, and see what comes. He tries to express the streaming and fleeting sounds and feelings that arise when he is in nature. The CD is called STROOM (Stream).

“As you may know, Europe’s ‘Low Countries’ (Holland and Flanders) are building a new retreat centre, called Metta Vihara, in Zeeland, in the south of Holland. ( As always in such projects, there is a lot of fundraising involved, and as Ed is very sympathetic to the Triratna movement (he has done a number of retreats over the last 15 years), he agreed to put some of the music that has arisen out of his improvisation on CD, and sell it on behalf of Metta Vihara. Ed has given a concert in Ghent, and others will follow in Amsterdam, (probably) Essen and maybe other places as well.

“The CD cost 15 euros each (UK £12.50 pounds) plus shipping costs. There will be CD’s for sale on the Order Convention, and you can order them by emailing meynardvasen [at] (subject: STROOM%20CD) . It is a nice present for yourself or a friend!

“We made a presentation from the concert in Ghent, so you can have an impression of his music, and put it on youtube: click here to watch. Enjoy!

“With metta: Meynard Vasen”
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