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New Berlin Buddhist Centre announces opening date

On Thu, 1 December, 2011 - 05:54
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Amogharatna, chairman of Triratna’s Berlin Buddhist Centre, writes with news of the opening date of their new Centre, the Buddhistisches Tor Berlin, exactly ten months from now. He says - “I’d like to make known the date of our new centre opening, so people can save the date: 1st and 2nd September 2012.

After many years of planning, as you can see from the photograph opposite, work is now fully underway on renovating the new premises for the Triratna centre in Berlin, known as Buddhistisches Tor (the Buddhist Gate). We would be delighted to see visitors from all parts of the Triratna Community present at the opening, so make a note of the date in your diary now! Further information and programme details will be available nearer the time.

The total cost of the new centre will amount to something in the region of 1.3 million Euros, about half of which we are borrowing.

If you would like to contribute financially and thereby help us in our work of making the Dharma and Bhante’s teaching available to even more people, you can do so in the UK via JustGiving or (for larger and non-tax-deductible donations) simply contact me at amogharatna [at] (subject: new%20Centre) .

With metta, Amogharatna

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