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Guided video meditations in Russian, Turkish, French and English - and an appeal for Translators...

On Mon, 13 August, 2012 - 12:54
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Triratna has a growing number of non-English introductions to Buddhism and meditation available online, and today we have news of three new offerings: guided meditation videos in French, Russian and Turkish, courtesy of Order members Suvannavira in Moscow and Vajracaksu in Istanbul.

Suvannavira writes saying “The idea was to have full-length video guided meditations on the body that people could meditate along with, and use to receive basic instruction on posture for meditation. They can also serve as resources for people to use after they have established their practice and want a little extra structure. The videos were taken by Patryk Lange from Sanghaloka (Triratna’s centre in Krakov) during a retreat at Sopatowiec, in the South of Poland with Nityabandhu, Santaka, Paramartha, and Suvannavira and Jenya from Moscow and the Sangha from Krakow and Warsaw.

The links are here:

In Russian: Учитесь медитировать
In French: Une méditation guidée
In Turkish: Üç Dakikalık Nefes Alma Molası

And for the English-speakers, Suvannavira also has this to offer: A guided meditation

Elsewhere on, an ambitious Translation Project is in process of formation, looking to translate Triratna’s Threefold Puja, Dedication Ceremony, and Refuges and Precepts into as many of the world’s languages as possible. We’re appealing for any language-speakers to offer their help (translations [at] (email us here)), the more unusual the language the better! More on this coming soon.

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