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German FBA Crew Celebrates 100 German-language Dharma Talks Uploaded!

On Fri, 2 March, 2012 - 05:38
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Jnanacandra writes from Essen, Germany, with news of the 100th German-language Dharma talk uploaded to Triratna’s Free Buddhist Audio website, saying - “Free Buddhist Audio, our wonderful platform for Triratna’s audio and text archives, has been hosting Dharma talks in German language since 2008. And on February 12, at 00:11 o’clock (!) the 100th German upload went online - and the little German FBA team celebrated joyfully with coffee and cakes!

Five volunteers have been working with enthusiasm and dedication behind the scenes in order to provide Dharma to the German-language public. Ansgar systematically works through the digital archive of talks given at the Essen Centre from 2002 onward and decides which talks are suitable to go online. He listens carefully, writes introductions to each talk, and decides how to split them into tracks. Saddhabodhi does the same with our older talks which still exist on cassettes and reach back to 1989. Though some of this material is outdated she regularly discovers little jewels of Dharma that are certainly worth preserving. Claudia is the master of the technical side of the work. She digitalizes cassette recordings, edits the talks where necessary, improves sound levels, splits the recording into tracks and uploads them. Ralf (not on the photo) recently joined the team and helps Claudia with this work. Jnanacandra coordinates in the background and keeps contact with the main FBA team - who are based in the US and Saudi Arabia.

FreeBuddhistAudio is greatly appreciated in the German Triratna Sangha. Many thanks to all those in our international community who make this possible - through their work or through donations!”

FreeBuddhistAudio offers free hosting to Triratna Dharma talks from any Centre in any language: it currently offers talks in English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Marathi, Spanish, and more. Click here for the German Free Buddhist Audio pages. The photo shows, from left: Ansgar Jochheim, Jnanacandra, Claudia Bock, Saddhabodhi.

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