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'Exploring ‘Dynamic Reality' in Scotland

On Mon, 23 July, 2012 - 19:56
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Khemasuri writes with news of ‘Exploring ‘Dynamic Reality’; an unusual retreat being offered at Triratna’s Dhanakosa retreat centre in the Highlands of Scotland. She says “Dhanakosa is offering an unusual retreat in September for Triratna Order Members and Mitras who have asked for ordination. The retreat is about how we can transform ourselves - into Bodhisattvas - so that we are strong enough to fully contribute to a new way of living on and with the earth. And it’s about “how to face the mess we are in without going crazy”. Are you concerned about the state of the world? Are you feeling a little stuck, even overwhelmed about what you can do? If so this retreat might be for you!

“On this retreat we will ignite our gratitude, tenderly hold the pain that we feel for the world, then awaken ourselves to interconnection and inspire each other to Go Forth. The spiral of the Work that Reconnects, an approach to engaged Buddhist practice developed by Joanna Macy, will be woven with Vasubandhu’s ‘Four Factors’, an approach to the Bodhisattva Ideal which formed part of one of Sangharakshita’s earliest teachings when he returned to the West. They are listed here in parallel with aspects of the Work that Reconnects:

1. Contemplation of All Buddhas <=> Gratitude for our precious human life & what we can become.
2. Contemplation of the Faults & Perilous Aspects of the Body <=> Honouring Our Pain for the World
3. Seeking the Most Supreme of All Fruits of the Path <=> Seeing with New Eyes.
4. Kindness and Compassion for all Beings <=> Going Forth, Inspired Action <=> Transference of Merits.

As Rumi says -
“Don’t turn away.
Keep your gaze
on the bandaged place.
That’s where the light enters you.”

Dhanakosa’s website is at; there are more details of the retreat available online here. Members of the retreat team are also part of the Scottish Bodhi Arts and Ecovillage project, currently developing plans for a low-impact community in Fife.
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