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Dublin Buddhist Centre expand and launch fundraising appeal

On Mon, 3 June, 2013 - 06:03
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Prajnagita writes from Triratna’s Dublin Buddhist Centre with news of their recent expansion - and a fundraising appeal to help them sustain it! She says -

“The Spiritual Community at the Dublin Buddhist Centre is especially spiritually vital at the moment. There are many of us involved, from a diverse range of backgrounds, inspired by the vision of existence that the Buddha offers and engaging with his teachings in the company of others.

The vibrancy and continued success of the DBC presents us with a challenge: as the number of people involved increases, and as more and more people wish to take their practice deeper, the need to effectively coordinate our activities and, more crucially, to provide spiritual friendship, also increases. To meet this growing need, earlier this year the DBC took on another full-time team member.

Having a larger Centre Team is enabling us to realise some new projects that we have been talking about for some time, such as extending the floor space of the Centre, new courses in Buddhism, meditation and mindfulness, a range of new courses during the day, and more opportunities for in-depth study, to name a few. It is a particularly rich and exciting time.

A bigger team comes with increased costs so we are appealing for the help of all those who’d love to see the Dharma flourish in Ireland. If you’d like to be involved please visit our fundraising page. We’d like to reach a target of €10,000/year through new standing orders, which we feel is very achievable - and whatever you give will make a difference”.

You can follow their progress via their website or on their Facebook page.
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