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Buddhism in Hungary, October 2011

On Wed, 26 October, 2011 - 05:50
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Sam Rawlings, Subhuti’s secretary, writes with news of a little-known but very exciting Triratna Dharma project, working with the Gypsy Buddhists of Hungary. He says -

“Last week Dharmachari Subhuti returned from the second of his twice-yearly visits to the Gypsy Buddhists of Hungary. He has been supporting the work of the Jaibhim Network since its inauguration six years ago and is a keen advocate of their organization and mission. The Dhammamitras of Hungary have been making significant progress, improving the lives and work of the ‘dalit’ Gypsies - ‘dalit’, meaning ‘oppressed’, being the name taken for themselves by the ex-untouchable new Buddhists of India. They recently opened a new Ambedkar high school in the northern town of Sajókaza bringing the total of educational establishments under their direction up to six.

Earlier this year the Jaibhim Network became a member of the European Buddhist Union (EBU) and an official affiliate of the Triratna Buddhist Community. Faced with increasing hostility from a recently elected conservative-cum-nationalist parliament, the Jaibhim Network is currently engaged in a struggle for survival following a re-writing of the constitution that has effectively outlawed all non-Christian religious movements in the country. Mobilising support from the international Buddhist community for the plight of the Buddhist gypsies of Hungary is of vital importance in safeguarding the existence and development of their good work.

Please take a moment to watch this short news film introducing their work and world so that you may be better informed of the situation. The piece is a short film/news documentary of 28mins length about the Jaibhim Network and Subhuti’s involvement with their work”.

You’ll find the Jai Bhim network on Facebook where they have over 3,000 friends.

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