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Best-ever Triratna retreat in Canada

On Fri, 19 October, 2012 - 05:13
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Harshaprabha writes following his recent “best-ever” trip to Canada, where for some years now he’s been slowly but steadily building up a Triratna group in Ontario - most recently, expanding their activities to Toronto. He writes - “I arrived back a week ago from what was my best-ever trip to Canada in terms of putting over the Dharma and it being received. I’ve been inspired by many aspects of life in Ontario but people’s interest in the Dharma and them having an open enquiring mind does top it all for me.

Our Open Day in Toronto went very well - the three newcomers’ sessions each attracted between 12 and 7 people including Nagarakshita and I; it was the first time there had been a Triratna Buddhist Community event in the city. Back in Guelph, which has been the base for our activities to date, I was busy meeting old and new friends; plus another ‘open evening’ introducing Buddhism and meditation: my memories are of a gatheringwhich was alive, open and bright.

Over in the Belgrave area of Huron County our weekend retreat was enjoyable to lead and ably supported by Nagarakshita. We both had a rewarding time being with the other 10 retreatants. All those on the retreat really gave themselves to the retreat. I stayed on for a couple of nights at the retreat centre and was so glad I did as the owner arranged a spontaneous ‘Buddhism and meditation night’ on the Monday - there were 25 of us for a night of much enthusiasm and big energy.

I returned to Ipswich inspired about the possibilities for Triratna developing in all three places - Toronto, Guelph and Huron County, Ontario, Canada. How that inspiration will manifest itself is another question! The photo shows us at the end of the weekend retreat - I’m second from left on the bottom row, in a red pullover; Nagarakshita third from right on the top row in the cream top!

Metta to all, Harshaprabha”

To support Triratna’s work in Canada, please visit Harshaprabha’s fundraising page.

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