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Green Tara Nepal appeal reaches £35,000

On Wed, 13 May, 2015 - 17:31
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Just before Nepal’s second earthquake, director Karunamati wrote from the Green Tara Trust:

“Thank you, everyone, for your ongoing and generous support. It is having an incredible effect both on the moral of the Nepalese team, as well as giving much needed hope to the local community in Pharping where we work.”

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“Donations from individuals have just reached £35,000 and we’ve received significant financial support from Karuna Germany, Karuna Trust and another anonymous trust. Thank you as well, to all those fundraising on our behalf.”

Having supplied tents, medicines, blankets and basic food supplies, the priority now is epidemic control through water purification and sanitation, as people continue to live in makeshift camps.

“The team in Kathmandhu are continuing to work hard, often under difficult conditions. The weather has been very wet.

After much consideration we still think that money and good wishes are the best things that we can offer. We don’t want to burden our Nepal team with more mouths to feed or accommodation to find, and so are reluctant to send volunteers.

Thank you again for keeping those affected by the earthquake in your thoughts.”

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