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Coronavirus Grants for Triratna Order Members

On Wed, 1 April, 2020 - 18:21
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The Abhayaratna Trust is responding to the financial hardship resulting from the spread of Covid-19 by offering short term relief through cash grants of up to £500 per Order member as support at this time.

Many Order members are self-employed and the sudden loss of income has left some of them without the resources to pay food and utility bills and with rent shortfalls. Access to state benefits can be too slow or not available in many countries. 

So if you are an Order member who is struggling financially and would be helped by a cash grant, you can now apply online for support.

Apply to the Abhayaratna Trust’s Coronavirus grants scheme

This is a quote from one Order member who recently received a grant from The Abhayaratna Trust:

Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for the grant that has enabled me to turn myself around in this critical time and set up as an online tutor. Your generous grant has arrived in my bank account and I have already earned my food money for the week as a result of being able to purchase my tripod (which works a treat) and afford other resources such as printing and postage.

Also, as a small charity, The Abhayaratna Trust are appealing for donations to help them meet the need for these grants. If they are able to raise £10,000 they will be able to make urgent grants available to an additional 20-25 Order members worldwide.

Donate towards the Abhayaratna Trust grants scheme

Alternatively you can jinavamsa [at] (email Jinavamsa), Communications Support, for information on other ways to give.

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Wonderfully thoughtful and loving initaitive. Sadhu to all involved.

Kind wishes