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Closure of Clear Vision

On Mon, 3 August, 2020 - 10:47
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It is with sadness that the Trustees of Clear Vision have announced its closure from September 2020. Over the past 35 years Clear Vision has been a vital part of the FWBO/Triratna Community having documented much of our community’s history through video, particularly Newsreels, Triratna Newsbytesfilming Sangharakshita’s talks, events and tours, and much more. Clear Vision has also developed the beginnings of a photographic archive and library and video archive, a range of award-winning teaching resources on Buddhism for school children as well as supporting a team-based right livelihood project.

Having developed two important archives for our community: a photographic and a video archive - which are as yet unfinished - the hope is for these two archives to be completed and made available as curated online resources (with the full archives available at Adhisthana). Uddiyana Trust (Urgyen House) has agreed to take ownership and responsibility for these two archive projects with Mokshapriya continuing the work. In addition to this, maintaining the online education resources is being explored - and the remaining stock of education DVDs will be sold by Adhisthana.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to all team members and trustees past and present, all the volunteers who have helped out, all our funders and donors, and all those who have watched and enjoyed the material we have produced over the years. May the work of communicating the Dharma through video continue to thrive, and may our rich archives be widely viewed and valued. - Mokshapriya, Akasajoti, Vishangka and Sanghadhara (Clear Vision trustees and team)

Read the statement from the Trustees of Clear Vision

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Please feel free to share your favourite memories, videos, photographs and stories about Clear Vision below - a chance to rejoice in all they have contributed to our community over the years 🙏


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Dear Mokshapriya, trustees and team,

Thank you for this very sad but not very surprising news. As a former Director of Clear Vision I know how much of a miracle it has been that it lasted more than three decades, given the particular expertise required for the work and the constant and acute shortage of money.

I loved my 17 years at Clear Vision, housed in Manchester Buddhist Centre’s beautiful city centre building, and have always been grateful to Mokshapriya both for founding Clear Vision and designing the Buddhist Centre.

Clear Vision was largely financed by sales of video teaching materials for Buddhism in British schools during a roughly 15-year period in which Buddhism was widely taught as part of the Religious education syllabus, schools had funding to buy teaching materials and the internet did not yet provide anything else that could be used instead, free of charge. These were pioneered by Mokshapriya and the now ex-Order members Padmasri and Adiccabandhu, both primary school teachers, to great acclaim from RE teachers.

Alas, Religious education became less important in the curriculum and budgets were cut, with serious consequences for our trusty band of Buddhist video-makers and educators. Conditionality: things arise and fall as conditions change.

Much love to everyone who ever worked for Clear Vision, and thank you.

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I owe so much to Clear Vision. It gave me a job when I really needed one, which enabled me to stay in Manchester and stay within the sangha that I had only just discovered. Video work was something I enjoyed and something I trained in at university, so it felt like a good partnership with mutual benefits. Everything that has happened in my life since has sprung from that opportunity Clear Vision gave me; from moving into community to being ordained. In my ten years with Clear Vision I visited many Buddhist Centres and Triratna projects all over the country, documented the beginnings of Metta Vihara in Holland, spent a week with young Buddhists in Berlin, flitted around many a Buddhafield Festival capturing its energetic and mysterious facets, hiked along the coast of Norway with other spiritual practitioners for climate change awareness, filmed the transformation of Coddington Court into Adhisthana, and helped in responding to the death of our founder and teacher and its aftermath. I will be forever grateful to Mokshapriya and Clear Visions early pioneers, and to my own colleagues and friends Munisha, Upekshapriya and Sanghadhara. No doubt Clear Visions legacy and the hard work of all those people will live on in the Order and movement for a long long time yet. 


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Dear Amaradaya,

This is lovely to read. You were such a find, too! What would we have done without you? And now we are bound together for life, not just by the Order but by the experience of spending years and years sitting side by side in a tiny office! xx Munisha

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Clear Vision was so much part of the fabric of Triratna for such a long time, serving it so well in helping us have a sense of ourselves as a worldwide but united community;  it is very sad to see it come to a conclusion. Aside from the bountiful years of the education project it’s survival depended on the enthusiasm, dedication, generosity and shear persistence of so many of the team; I know that finding the funding to keep going has been a real challenge in recent years. Thank you to everyone involved and in particular to Moksapriya whose vision and flair was so important for the project.