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Buddhist Action Month 2017 begins!

On Thu, 1 June, 2017 - 08:45
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June is Buddhist Action Month (BAM) and Triratna sanghas all over the world have been planning activities as part of this festival of Buddhist social action. Beginning in 2012 as a day (BAD!), this is a pan-Buddhist initiative from the UK’s Network of Buddhist Organisations. The theme this year is ‘Connecting for change’, which we’re connecting strongly with the Bodhisattva Ideal.

Over on The Buddhist Centre Online’s dedicated BAM space you can follow all the Triratna action day by day, from countries so far including Turkey, Australia, Ireland, Mexico, America and Britain.

On the Buddhist Action Month Facebook page, you’ll find news from Triratna and the other Buddhist traditions taking part.

If you haven’t yet got planning, it’s not too late and you’ll find plenty of ideas in those spaces, and in the Triratna BAM event planning guide, written by Mokshini, the BAM co-ordinator on the Development Team who work for Triratna’s European Chairs.

Congratulations to the Stockholm sangha for starting early! Since the sacred Swedish summer holidays begin in the middle of June, they began their BAM in mid May.

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