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Buddhist Action Month 2014 closes

On Tue, 1 July, 2014 - 00:58
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We’ve had the bold BAM! logo at the top of this page since the start of June. What was it? What happened?

Throughout June, a great many activities took place, in Brighton, Colchester, Essen, Exeter, Leeds, London, Manchester and Stockholm, to name just a few places.

Originally conceived of by the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK as a nationwide day of British pan-Buddhist social action in 2012, Buddhist Action Month grew to a month in 2013. This year it grew substantially in being taken up by a number of Triratna sanghas - not just in the UK but also in Sweden and Germany. We even had interest from Australia!

It’s been hard to find out what you’ve been doing, however; clearly in future we need to develop the “communications” aspect of BAM, to encourage people to network across Triratna - and beyond, to all the other Buddhist traditions involved - and tell each other what they’ve done. (Putting stuff on your personal or Centre Facebook page is a start, but doesn’t enable anyone beyond your sangha to be inspired by your ideas.)

But here’s a taste. Centre activities included
  • a “radical ethics” event, exploring personal practice of consumer and environmental ethics
  • a talk exploring our relationship to money, “Your money or your life!”
  • stopping buying cow’s milk during June, looking at the ethics of the Centre’s tea, coffee, soya milk and holding a vegan cake-making afternoon
  • investigating switching to greener energy sources
  • encouraging people to sign up for a local organic vegetable delivery
  • using environmental ethics as a basis for study groups and courses
  • making food donations to a local “food bank” for those in need
  • selling sprouting kits at the Buddhist Centre
  • promoting lift-sharing in the sangha
  • film nights showing films related to global warming: “Chasing Ice” and “The Eleventh Hour”
  • “Nature connection” workshops
  • volunteering in a wildlife reserve
  • a canal cleanup
  • city centre street meditations
  • exploration of the ideas of American Buddhist systems theorist Joanna Macy
  • a “yatra pilgrimage” for women, experiencing sacred landscape

BAM is a festival of social change in general, so some events went wider than the suggested theme of the environment and global warming:
  • discussing Buddhist extremism in Sri Lanka: what’s our role as Western Buddhists?
  • sangha members talking about their work, paid or voluntary, as an expression of altruism

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