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‘Breathing Space in Schools’: training for teaching mindfulness in schools

On Thu, 27 October, 2016 - 14:23
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‘Secular mindfulness’ is more and more popular in British schools and the London Buddhist Centre is supporting this “mindful revolution”. After 10 years of teaching mindfulness in schools, its schools’ project recently relaunched as ‘Breathing Space in Schools’ with a brand-new, beautiful website. Srivati is its director.

“We offer a variety of mindfulness workshops, courses and training for children, teenagers and staff and we love collaborating with schools to help them embed mindfulness into their routines and culture.
We’re also happy to share our experience with others interested in offering mindfulness to local schools. We’re offering 3-day teacher training course twice a year. To be eligible, you need to have done an 8-week secular mindfulness course and have at least 6 months practice under your belt (or wherever it lives!) 

The next training will be at the London Buddhist Centre on 25th and 26th February and 7th May and costs £450. 

srivati [at] (Contact Srivati.)

Secular Mindfulness for Schools is quite separate from learning about Buddhism as part of Religious Education in British schools, but we do that too! We’re still offering our very popular school visits programme at the LBC and our new Buddhist School Visits website is coming soon!”

(Triratna’s video project Clear Vision has been working in the field of Religious Education since 1994. See the video materials they pioneered, some of the most popular teaching materials for Buddhism in British schools. Their free video FAQ pages, Ask A Buddhist! are a favourite with many RE teachers.)

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