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21st-Century Bodhisattvas: Buddhist Action Month 2016 begins!

On Wed, 1 June, 2016 - 12:04
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It’s the first day of June, which means it’s Buddhist Action Month 2016!

BAM is an annual festival of Buddhist-inspired socially benficial activity. Under the ’21st-Century Bodhisattva’ theme, over the last few weeks, Triratna sanghas in Istanbul, Dublin, Australia, Essen (Germany), New Zealand and New Hampshire (USA), as well as all over Britain, have been posting news of their plans on the dedicated BAM space here on The Buddhist Centre Online. Have a look!

Planned events relate to topics including peace activism, environmental sustainability, capitalism, compassion and altruism: Triratna people all over the place will be engaging in beach cleanups, guerrila gardening, street meditation, collecting food for refugees and asylum-seekers.

It’s also an opportunity for sangha members to celebrate the altruistic work they already do anyway as volunteers in chaplaincy, hospice visiting and so on.

Keep watching the BAM space for news of events as they happen.
Visit the pan-Buddhist BAM space on Facebook.

Buddhist Action Month is a project initiated by the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK in 2012.

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Vajracaksu's picture

Hello Munisha,

I have an extremely simple question: how can I post on the BAM space?!?!


Munisha's picture

Aha! You are now empowered to post there. You join the BAM space, as you did, and then the administrator gets a notice you’ve joined and makes you a team member.

The small and temporary glitch is that the administrator, Mokshini, is away ordaining someone at Akasavana this week! So there is a little delay until I do it. Thank you for the reminder.

Vajracaksu's picture

OK, no worries. I trust I’ll get news of when I can post,

Thank you Munisha


Munisha's picture

No, no! I’m saying I’ve done it - you are empowered to post!

Just go into the BAM space at and use the posting icons in the orange bar at the top of the header picture. ‘Blog’ for text and picture; the others are self-explanatory, I think.

Vajracaksu's picture

Thank you :) Just posted..