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Dharma Day Festival - Live from London!

On Sat, 24 July, 2021 - 14:08
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Sunday 25th July | 10am-9pm

Dharma Day is our yearly celebration of the Buddha’s first communication of the way to Enlightenment. The moment that his first teachings hit their mark, the great wheel of the Dharma was set in motion. Today, each time we hear and understand the Buddha’s teachings, that same wheel continues to turn.

With meditation, teaching, reflection and ritual, we’ll spend the day exploring together what it truly means to practice the Dharma, and how our actions can keep spreading its positive influence.

The day will take place in person, with some elements also broadcast on YouTube and Zoom.

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9–9.45am: Led Visualisation Practice
(for Order Members and Mitras training for Ordination)

10am–1pm: A Vision for Humanity: Meditation on the Buddha’s First Teachings

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1pm: Shared Lunch (please bring vegan/vegetarian food as a contribution)

2.15–4pm: Reflecting on the Dharma: Led group reflections on the teachings and meditation

4.30–5.30pm: ‘A Golden Wheel Rolling Through Time’: Keynote Talk from Dhammadinna

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7–9pm: Festival Day Puja with Mitra Ceremonies (now Zoom only)

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