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Survey: calling Buddhist chaplains in north America!

On Thu, 10 December, 2020 - 12:58
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The Mapping Buddhist Chaplains in North America Research Survey attempts to answer fundamental questions about Buddhist chaplaincy as a professional field. While several universities have been training and graduating Buddhist chaplains—some for more than a decade—there are no clear data on how many and where Buddhist chaplains are currently working.

If you work, volunteer, or are training for any chaplaincy setting (health care, higher ed, corrections, military—or any other sector) and you self-identify as Buddhist, please complete this survey about your work and background. You can answer anonymously, or you may provide contact information to be included in further research. Either way, your responses are confidential. If you have questions, please email Prof. Cheryl Giles at cgiles [at] or Rev. Dr. Monica Sanford at mlsccl [at]

Are you a Buddhist chaplain in north America?
Please take the survey.

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