Triratna International Gathering 2017 - What The World Needs Now

‘Everything of worth is defenceless’ - Arthakusalin

On Thu, 31 August, 2017 - 10:27
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A poetic and uncompromising talk on the value of the Dharma jewel given on the Triratna International Gathering at Adhisthana, 26 August 2017


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Dear Arthakusalin,

What a beautiful talk! Thank you very much. This talk was the third most wonderful experience i have had today. The first was listening and watching the Vienna Symphony Orchestra playing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with a 96 year old woman in my  assisted living residence. She ,is one of the most beautiful women i have ever met. She turned to me after a period of silence and said: “We just had a beautiful experience, didn’t we?”  The second was at supper when a new resident said (after her relation said that she had had a very sudden cerebral hemorrhage and one day she had been a successful young professional woman and in a moment she had become unable to communicate or walk) “Such is life” with a smile. And the close of my day sparkling with the Dharma jewel.May all beings benefit!           Viriyagita