Triratna International Council

Triratna International Council 2014 - Day 1 Summary

On Thu, 7 August, 2014 - 06:13
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Join us for a quick recap of Day 1 on the 2014 International Council, in the expert hands of the facilitation team, Maitrisara and Viveka. We hear how you get 36 international representatives to really take each other in on arriving at an event like this, and how we considered the successes, struggles and lessons learned from the last Council in India 18 months ago…

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ps. Apologies for the intermittent mobile phone interference on the sound…

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Hey guys! Really great to get a sense of you down there mapping out the Triratana for the benefit of all of us. Thanks. And listening to your description of the Opening Ritual gave me a really good imaginative conection with what you are all doing. Brill. Look forward to seeing more posts.. xxx