Triratna International Council

Day Two at the International Council 2016

On Wed, 3 August, 2016 - 22:44
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Today was devoted to looking at our relationship with a suffering world and how we might meet its needs as a community.

The morning saw short but heartfelt talks from 
•    Akuppa (UK), on climate change and the effect it is already having, including its relationship to refugee crises;
•    Viveka (North America), on moving towards greater ethnic diversity in Triratna;
•    Yashosagar (India), on combatting poverty and discrimination, looking at the teachings of Dr Ambedkar.

All three speakers talked about mindfulness and love as the means of transformation of self and world. Akuppa left us with a set of deep questions to consider and Viveka’s talk in particular stirred some great urgency of feeling. 

In the afternoon we heard reports from

In questions and answers, and in pair work, we explored our responses.

Listen to today’s talks.

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