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On Tue, 10 January, 2017 - 13:14
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Hridayabija, situated in East Devon, seeks to integrate Buddhist spiritual practice into the abundance of a living eco system; A Pureland if you will. Started on a bare horse paddock in 2010, it a few short years it has undergone an astonishing transformation into an amazing and magical ‘forest garden.’  People frequently report visiting the garden as being a life changing experience.  Hridayabija is an attempt to demonstrate that though while we cannot change the world, we can change at least a small part of it. We offer a lyrical response of living in congruence to our environmentally troubled times; a response of celebrating the worlds natural Beauty and power of restoration. We offer Hridayabija for the benefit of the many; to encounter this beauty and abundance through spiritual Practice, Spiritual community, practice of the Arts and appreciation of the living Environment.

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