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What the World Needs Now: Triratna’s Gift

On Thu, 20 January, 2022 - 17:19
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Saturday, April 9 2022

Triratna Day 2022 will focus on our contribution to the world: a vision of truth, communicated in a culture of kalyana mitrata (“beautiful friendship”), for the benefit of all. The day will be an experience of that, especially of being part of a global network of friendships for the good.

We’ll have four events—meditation, talk, a seminar and a puja—hosted from Adhisthana, Berlin, and the Americas. Translation will be available for some sessions. And our symbol will be Bhante Sangharakshita’s Thousand-armed Avalokitesvara thangka. ‘Avalokitesvara in the World’ is the name of the £1 million appeal that FutureDharma will launch at the event.

Join us for a very special day, and a unique chance to explore with experienced Order Members around the world what it means to be part of a global spiritual community.


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This event is offered by donation. If you can, please donate today and support others to attend who cannot afford to pay. Thank you!

Suggested donation for the day, all proceeds to FutureDharma! £50 | $70 | €60—or give what you can!


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