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Three Ways To Participate!

On Tue, 10 September, 2013 - 17:14
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There are three great ways to take part in the Urban Retreat this year!

1. Take part at a Buddhist Centre near you.
2. Take part in the Young Buddhists’ retreat (UK)
3. Take part online… right here!

If you take part at a Centre or go on the Young Buddhists’ retreat you can resource yourself using this space and connect with others taking part around the world…

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sanghadhara's picture
What a lovely image! hehehehe. Sorry I’m still quite pleased with it :P
Candradasa's picture
Yes it is! Sadhu! And it’s now one of the ‘official’ images for the Urban Retreat now that the Young Buddhists’ event is tied to the rest of the event. I’m happy about that! :)