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Triratna America - A Life In Lubec (eBook)

On Sun, 23 June, 2013 - 19:03
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Our last post in Triratna America is, appropriately enough, something personal about living a life of practice in the US, in this case the remote reaches of Maine on the eastern seaboard…

Viriyalila, with her photography, and Gunopeta, with his poetry, have joined creative forces to evoke the simple life practicing Buddhism in a remote region of America.

Gunopeta has been living in Lubec, Maine with his partner, Nancy Nielsen, for over thirty years. Lubec is a small, quiet community nestled along the US eastern shore at its border with Canada. Living on the edge of the sea, in the quiet simple surroundings of downeast Maine, Gunopeta and Nancy spend their days planning their garden, writing their poetry and living life fully and simply.

Viriyalila, who finds Lubec to be the place of dreams, visits as time and circumstances allow. When she does, rarely is she found without camera in hand.

Read more poetry by Gunopeta, and his partner, Nancy Nielsen
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