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Thanks to Everyone Involved in the Funeral of Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita

On Fri, 16 November, 2018 - 11:24
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Dear friends,

It is almost a week since the funeral and Adhisthana is returning to normal, although of course it is a new normal. “Life is King” as Bhante Urgyen Sangharakshita told us and Life goes on. The trees drop their leaves and work needs to be done. Sunday and Monday here saw community and volunteers taking down chairs, dismantling the shrine in the barn - will it ever be the same space? - and cleaning. Lots of cleaning, and all done with good will and positivity. All arose and all passes in an almost Mahayanistic fashion. Em Ah Ho.

We want to thank everyone who came along to Adhisthana on Saturday, and those who watched and connected in other ways across the world. Together we created something quite special. We want to thank the Adhisthana community and the many many volunteers who came and dedicated themselves so wholeheartedly to whatever task was needed. It has been like an intense ten day retreat in many ways and we are sure many of us feel that we have been changed in indefinable ways by our participation. Our sense of community cannot but be strengthened by this experience.

We also want to especially thank the teams from The Buddhist Centre Online and Clear Vision for their extraordinary dedication to providing live streaming so that all who wanted to could participate in their homes, in the local Buddhist Centre and in especially created spaces. We’re grateful too for the very effective organisation by Centre teams around the world so that so many in our worldwide Sangha could participate on the day of the funeral, through the online coverage and a locally organised programme. Reports are coming in of tens of thousands of people around the world taking part.

We also greatly appreciate the work of Munisha in helping with online coverage and, with Amitasuri, in looking after Bhante’s family and our guests from other Buddhist communities.

A complete version of the live stream can be seen here and Clear Vision will be editing and producing a high quality record of the day, as well as selected highlights. Triratna News has been reporting as they hear from people who watched around the world. 

The remembrance page will remain active for those wishing to add their tributes, and more information will be sent about the Book of Gratitude. Gratitude can also be expressed by contributing to support the teams at The Buddhist Centre Online team and at Clear Vision. And by helping fulfill Bhante’s wish to see his Complete Works made available to support us in keeping the spirit of his Dharma life alive in the world.

Support Dharmachakra’s work on The Buddhist Centre Online and Free Buddhist Audio. 

Support Clear Vision with a monthly or one-off donation.

Support Bhante’s Complete Works from Windhorse Publications.

With metta at this very special time for our community,

Parami, Mahamati and Paramartha.

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Oh, oui, un Grand Merci à tous !

From the little corner of the globe that is the Paris Triratna Centre, seeing Adhisthana through the internet during Bhante’s funerals it was obvious that things were done there with much love and care, attention to details and commimtment from all those who were taking part, be it by just being there or by organizing and supporting the day in all sorts of ways.

With much gratitude to each and all of you,
Ujumani, on behalf of all those who were gathered in Paris