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Suryagita and the Dharma Singers: Music from Presidential Handover

On Wed, 4 March, 2020 - 12:18
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For some years now the Wellington Buddhist Centre has been blessed to have Suryagita in our Sangha. She has a beautiful voice and extraordinary musical ability which we have benefitted greatly from in every mantra she has ever been present for. But that’s not all!

On special occasions Suryagita has got together with other talented members of our sangha and offered song. Songs of welcome, songs of blessing, songs of appreciation, songs of celebration and songs of joy.

In the last year, we have experienced Suryagita and the Dharma Singers at our dedication ceremony, at the launch of the Te Reo Maori descriptor for our Centre, at the welcome for Nagabodhi and Jnanadhara, and most recently, at our presidential handover. (You can listen to the wonderful singing from this last event below.)

And from Suryagita:

As my name suggests (‘Suryagita’ means ‘She who is or sings a song of the sun or the Buddha”), I love having the opportunity to sing the Dharma - so I was delighted to discover a few other singers at the Wellington Buddhist Centre after I moved back to New Zealand from the UK.

Dharma Singers was born around 2012, and we have sung verses of dharma that I have set to music, plus pieces I have gleaned from others in Triratna over the years. We have entertained at Skills Auctions, sung musical offerings at Festivals and ceremonies, and added life to mantra chanting.

Last year one of our group Malcolm moved to Auckland, and Jasmine is about to leave for Australia, so I am hoping we will find more singers to add to our sweet harmonies!

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