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A New Vihara Means A New Life by Venerable Sangharakshita (eBook)

On Thu, 6 June, 2013 - 17:47
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In 1982, Sangharakshita travelled to Chikhalwadi in Pune, to open a new vihara as part of the Triratna Buddhist Community in India. To mark the occasion he gave a talk on the significance of the event and the new space itself as a place for Dhamma, a base for the Bodhisattva Ideal to take root.

Thanks to Dh. Amoghabhadra and Dh. Achala at Dhammaduta Publications this talk had now been transcribed for the first time. We’re delighted to offer it here as an eBook with links to multi-media resources.

Download the eBook and a print versions here

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