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A Mandala of Light

On Fri, 23 June, 2023 - 16:30
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Padmavajra described Sangharakshita’s burial mound as the movement’s ‘most sacred shrine.’ We want to create a mandala of light so that whenever you visit, you can spend time in the memorial garden circumambulating.

Unfortunately, the current solar lights around the burial mound don’t work well; they need to be replaced frequently, aren’t very bright, and, especially in winter when they are most needed, don’t last long.

We want to put in mains-powered lighting; run buried cables underground to power the lights (an efficient mix of spotlights and uplighters). The effect would be subtle, providing enough light for people walking on the paths and illuminating the memorial garden throughout the night.

Adhisthana’s financial position has changed since it started. We are now ten years old, but no longer have large reserves. We are therefore inviting you to contribute to help us make this project possible.

In future when you come to Adhisthana, you will know that a part of the beauty of this place was due to your generosity.

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