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Highlights from the 2014 Brighton Rainy Season Retreat

On Wed, 19 March, 2014 - 01:55
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Brighton Buddhist Centre has begun their 2014 Rainy Season Retreat, continuing through Saturday, 22 Mar, 2014 - and we can enjoy it along with them! Some spectacularly fun updates are being made every day from the retreat, including audio, video, photos and blog entries summarizing the day’s events. You can + follow along with the retreat on Brighton Buddhist Centre’s space on The Buddhist Centre Online.

This special retreat for Order members and Mitras this year explores the topic of ‘Going Beyond Self’ through myth, mystery, Bodhicitta, the arts, puja, tales from the Jatakas, and of course space and support for deepening practice.

Here are some more highlights from each day of the retreat…

Day One - Led by Vessantara:

Blog update on the first day’s events
Audio: Vidyadhara Dedication Ceremony
Audio: Introduction and meditation with Vessantara
Video: Start of the retreat - Refuges and Precepts
Video: Day One Tea Break
Photo gallery from Day One

Day Two - Led by Vessantara:

Blog update on Day Two’s events
Video: Maitri Mantra
Photo gallery from Day Two

Day Three - Led by Vijayamala:

Blog update on Day Three’s events
Audio: Short led meditation with Vijayamala
Audio: Morning puja - Four Reminders, Refuges & Precepts, Four Immeasurables
Audio: Talk given by Vijayamala on Bodhicitta, followed by led Bodhicitta Practice
Audio: Tips on the Bodhicitta Practice with Vijayamala
Photo gallery from Day Three

Day Four - A Day of Practice:

Blog update on Day Four’s events

Day Five - Led by Vajradevi:

Blog update on Day Five’s events
Photo gallery from Day Five

Day Six - Led by Paramananda:

Blog update on Day Six’s events

Day Seven - Led by Ratnaprabha:

Blog update on Day Seven’s events
Ending Notes on the Rainy Season Retreat

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