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Alive in Nature: Micro-Adventures with Dhanakosa Retreat Centre

On Thu, 8 April, 2021 - 06:26
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Alive in Nature: A series of Dharma micro-adventures live from the Scottish Highlands!

Saturdays May 8, 15, 22

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First daily session (2 hrs): IE & UK 07:30 | Europe CET 08:30 | India 12:00 | Australia AEDT 16.30 | New Zealand 18.30

Second daily session (2 hrs): USA PST 11:00 | México 13:00 | USA EST 14:00 | IE & UK 19:00 | Europe CET 20:00 | India 23:30 | Australia AEDT 04.00 (next day) | New Zealand 06.00 (next day)

About this live experience
The community at Dhanakosa Retreat Centre, in the beautiful environs of Loch Voil, Scotland, invite you to join them at home and outdoors for a series of truly remarkable shared experiences reflecting and practicing the Buddha’s way in nature.

Live meditations, stories and sharing. And a chance to have your own micro-adventure outside, all with the support of a community that – just like you – longs for contact with beauty and life beyond the confines of four walls. 

Join us for three Saturdays in May, wherever you are in the world. Let us bring some of the joy of exploring the Dharma in nature back into your world. It’ll be a balm for your heart, soul, and spirit!

This event is open to all and is offered by donation. If you can, please donate today and support others to attend who cannot afford to pay. Thank you!

Reserve a space on this event

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parami's picture

Hi all,

looks great.  Is this open to all or is there a need for experience?


Centre Team's picture

Hi Parami!

It’s open to all 🙂 

With Metta,