Glasgow Buddhist Centre

GBC Urban Retreat 21st - 28th July

On Tue, 2 July, 2013 - 10:29
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This year’s Urban Retreat is based around Maitreyabandhu’s book “Life with Full Attention”. The material is centred on the Buddha’s Honeyball Sutta and will help act as a springboard to taking us deeper into our practice - noticing opportunities for change and growth.

We’ll start on Sunday 21st July with a day retreat, doing some meditation together, looking at the material from the book, including a presentation on ‘everyday mindfulness’, followed by discussion about how we can bring this into our lives more vividly. A crucial part of the Urban Retreat is reviewing how you can take practice and reflection deeper in the week ahead. The focus is to set realistic goals that stretch you a little but are attainable and will build confidence. During this first day we’ll commit to keeping in touch during the week to share our progress and support each other. The Urban Retreat is happening during the Centre’s “Vegan Summer” so please bring vegan food to share for lunch.

Throughout the week we will be offering optional 7.30am meditations at the centre, followed by breakfast to set us up for the day. We will also hold drop-in sits at lunchtime, 12.30 - 1pm, both of which are available to the whole Sangha. There will also be a session each evening from 6.15pm for about an hour looking at aspects of practice.

The retreat ends on Dharma Day, Sunday 28th July, with a session from 1 - 4pm, looking at insight. We’ll finish by reviewing our week and transferring the merit of our practice.

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