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Vision, And Yes, Transformation

On Thu, 16 May, 2013 - 14:58
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Here at Free Buddhist Audio this month we’ve been podcasting all sorts of perspectives on the theme of Vision - what is it that the Buddha saw when he realized the ultimate truth? Listen to members of our Order community share their thoughts and experiences…

Beginning with Ratnaprabha as part of our series of full talk podcasts, we took a look at the Buddhist path in terms of happiness, engagement, interest and delight in How to Have Fun. Described as “a new take on the positive nidanas” this talk is very inspiring and thought-provoking, and, well, fun! Talk given at the West London Buddhist Centre - thanks Ratnaprabha!

And in the second week of May our next podcast talk was released: Spontaneous Universal Compassion by Manjuvajra. In this last of eight talks in the series ‘Evolution and the meaning of life’, Manjuvajra shows us the next evolutionary step – purifying the mind.

We’ve also been keeping pace with our FBA Dharmabytes Podcast. ‘Dharmabytes’ are little nuggets of Dharma excerpted from full length talks or sometimes short talks in themselves - and we have released four so far this month:

Working With Energy by Singhamati - A short, personal talk by Singhamati given given at the 2011 National Young Triratna Buddhists Weekend retreat exploring the theme of ‘Energy for Enlightenment’.

Vision of Life by Padmavajra - A vision of emptiness is key to spiritual alchemy. In this excerpt from the talk Death and Desire, Padmavajra explores the transformative magic that is Bodhichitta practice. Part of The Alchemy of Love series given at Padmaloka Retreat Centre, 2004.

The Context of Perfect Vision by Sangharakshita - An illustration of how perfect vision can arise by showing how Buddhists have communicated their vision of reality in conceptual and imaginative terms. The Nature of Existence, Right Understanding talk given in 1968 as part of the series The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path.

And finally, What’s Love Got To Do With It? by Carunalaka - Another short talk exploring impermanence and interconnectedness.

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