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Dharmabyte: Reflecting on Old Age and Death

On Fri, 27 July, 2018 - 12:02
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In this FBA Dharmabyte, ‘Reflecting on Old Age and Death’, Sangharakshita takes us through a personal ramble through the history of letters and letter writing.

As usual the range of Sangharakshita’s reflections in this is hugely impressive - taking in late mediaeval and 18th century letter culture, provocative takes on Christianity, the Romantic poets and even the economy! It’s an education and a genuine, poignant pleasure to hear him evoke a vanishing art, pass on old pieces of knowledge and lore, and remember so vividly a friend now gone with whom he shared, in Keats’ phrase, ‘a mingling of souls’.

From the talk ‘Mingling Souls - Launching Dear Dinoo, Letters to a Friend’ given in Birmingham, December 2011.

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