Welcome to Exeter Triratna Group

Welcome to the Exeter Triratna  Group

This is the website of Triratna Buddhist Community around Exeter in Devon. The Exeter Sangha meets on Thursday evenings at the Exeter Natural Health Centre, 83 Queen Street, just behind the Boston Tea Party, from 7 to 9.15 pm. If you are already involved in the Triratna Buddhist Community, come along and practice with us! And if you’re new to meditation and Buddhism you are most welcome too. If you can get in touch before you come for the first time we can send you some introductory material to give you an idea how we practice and the kind of topics we may cover (email: nandavajra@hotmail.com) 

We also run occasional ‘Introduction to Meditation and Buddhism Courses’ from time to time, as well as day and weekend retreats.

We have a website http://www.triratnadevon.org/  - this site is currently a little out of date, we are working on it and are planning to change to a newer site!  

You can also stay in touch via our facebook page Triratna Buddhist Community Devon and South West or send us an enquiry on this space - we look forward to hearing from you!