Welcome to Triratna East Surrey

Triratna East Surrey

Have you ever wanted to live a healthier, happy and more fulfilling life?

For thousands of years people have benefited from meditation in just this way. Based within a Buddhist context the Triratna East Surrey (TES) offers individuals the opportunity to come together on a regular basis for collective practise in a friendly and supportive enviroment.

The group is facilitated by practising Buddhists/Meditators who will aim to assist you or if they are unable to put you in contact with someone who can.

Whether you are looking to answer the big questions in life or just wanting to:

  • reduce stress
  • reduce anxiety
  • increase positivity
  • increase confidence

or simply to become a more happy and healthy individual, meditation and buddhism can help.

Whether you are 18 (younger, if accompanied by an adult) or 80, male or female, the circle is open to all.

There is no charge for attending the group if you come along and feel that you have benefitted in some way and feel disposed to do so a donation will help us to hire venues and run courses for others in the future.

We currently meet most Tuesday evenings at Lloyd Hall, Brickfield Lane, Outwood, Surrey. For up to date information and if you have any queries please feel free to contact us via our website https://www.triratna-east-surrey.org


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