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Why we go on Retreat

On Tue, 2 February, 2016 - 11:48
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I often describe getting myself away on retreat as having to rip myself away from velcro …….. the pull of my busy life in Sydney wants to tell me I can’t afford the time out …….. and yet when I do I realise it’s just what I need. 

We go on retreat in order to put things in perspective. By removing ourselves from the mundane whirl of our life and having some down time, especially down time with stillness and meditation, we have a deeper and clearer experience of ourselves and the life we are living. 

It’s a bit like the Zen saying ‘When we are too busy to meditate we need to meditate’
So ……….. some of you have been asking when our retreats will be this year and here they are!

April 22 - 25 (Anzac long weekend)
June 10 - 13 (Queens Birthday weekend)
Oct 14 - 16

They will be retreats shared with people from the Sydney Buddhist Centre as we found this to work well on our last couple of retreats

Please put them in your diary if they sound good to you - I’d love your company!!
Meditation this week

Thursday     7 - 8.30 pm
Sunday        8 - 8.50 am

Much metta
Dharmalata and Padmadakini

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