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The Time it Takes to Snap Your Fingers

On Tue, 25 March, 2014 - 04:37
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The Time it Takes to Snap One’s Fingers

One thing that’s often encouraged me as a meditator is the way certain texts from the Buddhist tradition tell us that just a fleeting moment of mindfulness is worth more than years or even lifetimes of mindlessness.

I have experienced this even within a single meditation sitting; one can sit distracted and restless for much of a sit but have a few moments or minutes of concentration and feel a strong benefit from it. I’ve often said that the act of just sitting down and being with yourself is profound of itself; even it is just getting to see the state we are in.

So don’t underestimate every bit of effort you make; it all counts, it all helps.

I smiled when I read this this morning (it’s the Buddha talking)

After discussing the merits of following the five precepts (abstention from harming, taking the not given, sexual misconduct, untruthful communication and intoxicants)

“As great as all this might be, it would be even more fruitful if one could develop a mind of loving kindness even for the time it takes to pull a cow’s udder. And as great as all this might be, it would be even more fruitful still if one would develop the perception of impermanence just for the time it takes to snap one’s fingers.”
AN 9:20; IV 393 - 96
So keep up the good work!

Hope to see you this Thursday night (Padmadakini leading the metta practice)

Much metta

Padmadakini and Dharmalata


  • I am co-leading an introductory retreat the weekend after this at The Sydney Buddhist Centre’s Retreat Facility (Vijayaloka). A couple of you have already indicated to me that you’re planning to come along and I’m delighted! I’d love to invite all of you to join us – I’d love to have the opportunity to deepen our connection. It will be nice combination of meditation, discussion and relaxation on the banks of the lovely Georges River. Let me know if you’d like more detail. I am happy to offer you a lift out there if there’s room left in my car.

  • Don’t forget our invitation to come along and learn / play croquet with a few of the Croquet Club members on Sunday April 13th at 10.30 am. I am keeping a list of RSVP’s for that and we already have a nice little posse. Please let me know if you can join us – love to have your company!
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