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A Skilful Christmas

On Tue, 30 October, 2018 - 01:38
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I don’t know how you experience Christmas present sourcing but it throws up a challenge and dilemma for me. I want to be generous and engage with the communal spirit of Christmas but I resent spending money on junk. I’ve had years where I’ve actually felt a bit sickened by the hammering my credit card’s taken in order to truck home bagfuls of ….. um …. well ….. crap.

So! Here’s an opportunity for us all to buy really lovely, well made stuff that’s about as ethically squeaky clean as you can find. Not just squeaky clean but downright skilful!! Emma is a radiant being who’s been part of the Sydney Buddhist Centre sangha for years now. She’s training for ordination and runs a wonderful livelihood that’s described better by her than me below. 

We had one of these pop up shops put on in Coogee a few years back and it was a great success. I hope you’ll come along and support it and solve your own Christmas dilemma. Please bring friends!

Date - Tuesday November 27th 

Venue - Coogee Croquet Club

WEFTshop is a not for profit social enterprise that collaborates with a variety of ethnics groups from Burma living in refugee camps or as migrants in Thailand.
Our collections combine vibrant and stylish designs with traditional textile skills to create beautiful, high-quality handmade textiles. WEFTshop has a unique collaboration working directly with women artisans from Burma, taking an ethical, Fair Trade approach that respects and celebrates the expertise and skills of the artisans, and promotes sustainable livelihoods. We are proud that our partnership with the artisans and their communities has at its heart a commitment to preserving culture. Our work together helps to develop the skills to maintain traditional techniques for the next generation. The richness of hand-loomed weaving, applique, beading and patchwork celebrates Chin, Lahu, Kachin, Karenni and Karen cultures. These textiles are truly works of art.
Every textile creation tells a story about the artisan and her culture, inviting you to become part of her journey.
Thanks and love

And Meditation this week as usual:

Tonight (Tuesday)   6 - 7.30 pm

Sunday                    8 - 9 am

Much metta

Dharmalata and Padmadakini

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