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Right Effort

On Tue, 12 September, 2017 - 00:51
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A very important aspect of meditation is right effort. Right effort is the sweet spot between gritted teeth determination and relaxation that veers into day dreaming. As I thought about how to communicate this I thought of the archer and the effort they would need to hit the bullseye. The target must be firmly established and all the preparation and technique brought to bear and then ………….. relaxation, steadiness, quietness and  ……….. release!

And this is the quality of effort that we can train ourselves, via meditation, to bring to every moment of our experience. It is a bright, clear, relaxed and kindly awareness that will support whatever it is we are engaging with. 

I hope you can meditate with us this week

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PPS: Srimathi, one of our Sri Lankan sangha sent me information on a Mindfulness Summit in Sri Lanka in February so if anyone’s interested in an exotic, mindful holiday early next year click on the link below for more information

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