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On Tue, 19 July, 2016 - 05:53
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Okay, so there were all these things I was thinking about saying in this week’s email 
out …

Grant’s invocation to heed Pema Chodron’s advice that challenges in life don’t disappear until we learn the lesson they are there to teach us …..

And Asanka’s article about the various expressions of metta (karuna, mudita and upeksa) likened to a mother’s love for her child changing as he / she grows …..

Metta - mother’s unconditional love
Karuna - same love as the child meets challenges - there to give whatever support is needed
Mudita - same love taking joy in her child’s achievements as he / she grows
Upeksa - finally, as the child takes to it’s own wings - letting the child be free to find his or her own way in the sky of life

and then I got my Tricycle magazine ‘thought for the day’ (which comes to me courtesy of Michael’s kindness) in an email and that blew them all out of the water ….

‘Taking a walk I saw a wildflower.
       Not knowing its name I saw only beauty’
                                    Ok-Koo Kang Grosjean “Like a Leaping Carp”

Hey come meditate with us

Thursday      7 - 8.30 pm
Sunday        8 - 8.50 am


Dharmalata and Padmadakini

PS: Buddha-Fest (film festival) at the Sydney Buddhist Centre - love to see you there. Just go onto The Sydney Buddhist Centre website or Facebook Page for more details; some good films coming up and soup before and popcorn during!!

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