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Full-time or Part-time

On Fri, 14 June, 2019 - 05:19
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Full-time or Part-time?
There’s been a bit of an evolution in the way I think about metta practice. It started when I was at a drinks evening in an inner-city pub with Gina and a few of her theatre friends.
I was critiquing my behaviour after the evening and wondering if I’d been friendly and generous enough in the way I’d engaged with the group and it led me to think ‘Well next time I might just think of it as practising metta. I’ll just make whoever I’m talking to the focus and be as kind and as generous as I can in the way I interact with them.’
And then recently I thought ‘Well why not just make life one big metta practice? Why could one not just take this beautiful, liberating practice into everything?’ So it’d be like moving from part-time practice to full-time practice.
Well of course despite best intentions I’m going to fall back into part-time practice because my habit of self-promoting is deep and strong but it’s not a bad aspiration eh?
And the theory surrounding metta says that it’s a paradox; the more we become other orientated the happier and freer we become. I’d have to say from lived experience that this is true …… wish me well in my new full-time career.

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